The Solea Group

HostUSA and Anthony Goddard are skilled in digital magicians who turn the complexity of web design and development projects into curated, seamless, and effective digital presences. 

We Are HostUSA

HostUSA and founder Anthony Goddard is a full-service digital design and development firm with a track record of creating world-class websites and digital campaigns. Our methodology ensures client success with our tailored approach to turning complex concepts into simple execution. And our WHATEVER IT TAKES attitude to meet the client's utmost satisfaction is where we excel past our competition. 


Anthony Goddard (Founder) created HostUSA in 2009 to provide a different approach to web hosting solutions and building onto his web design and development business. Anthony has always had a WHATEVER IT TAKES attitude to make sure the client is satisfied and wants to work with us. 


Client Goals/Requirements

**These are a quick break down of the needs discussed and what is needed for website. If more needs added or change, that is perfectly fine. We can discuss as we begin moving forward. 

  • 1 First and foremost: Making the website appealing to the eye
  • 2 Currently hosted useing WordPress and would like to keep it that way (no problem)
  • 3 Two websites - Hosting on same domain, but branding will differnt