How to Keep Your Domain Information Private

In today’s day and age, terms like “identity theft”, “hack”, and “spam” can get thrown around in routine conversation about your website. There’s an increased sense of the need for better security, and overall, more privacy. Well we agree! Privacy is something that we take seriously, and in particular Domain Privacy.

What’s a WHOIS?

WHOIS, to put it simply, is a type of query that supplies the user with specific information about a domain name. Now, here’s how this may apply to you. When a new domain name is purchased, the “registrant” of the domain is required to provide correct contact information to their registrar. That information is associated with the domain name and a WHOIS record is created. That same record can then be accessed via a WHOIS search by anyone online.

Suffice it to say that if you’ve purchased a domain name your contact information is probably available to the public. Go run a WHOIS search for your domain right now and see what’s out there.

What are my choices?

For some of us, we may want that contact information available when it’s actually beneficial. For example, some businesses may prefer that their WHOIS information is available to anyone, as it provides them with another point of contact for their customers. For the rest of us we just don’t want anyone to have access to that kind of information and would prefer that it remains private. That’s where Domain Privacy comes in.

What is Domain Privacy?

Domain Privacy is an add-on service we provide for our clients who decide they don’t want that information accessible.

“When you add HostUSA Domain Privacy Protection to your registration, the only information listed in the whois will be You will still be the owner of the domain name, and anyone wanting to contact you from the information on your domain name will have to talk to HostUSA first.”

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