You don’t have to marry your web hosting provider

You don’t have to marry your web hosting company (sign a contract), but you should have a relationship with them.

1. Support

The worst thing that can happen is for a website to go down, or having an email issue. Nobody can prevent glitches 100 percent, so if and when you find yourself in the middle of one, its best to have someone you can call on to get immediate resolution. That said, you will need a provider that is available 24/7. At HostUSA we provide just that, we are available 24/7 to meet your needs.

2. Backup

A hosting provider that has adequate backup solution is a must. From a business standpoint, its just smart. You might mistakenly delete your entire site, or certain needed files, and boom your site goes down…. What do you do, well at HostUSA we have your solution. We provide daily backups to ensure your comfort incase of a mishap.

3. Uptime Guarantee

The last thing you want your customers to experience is a blank screen when they type in your URL, so you’ll want to make sure your host provider has a great uptime guarantee. If the host provider consistently has outages, your website cant be seen. You’ll need to look for for an uptime guarantee of 99 percent or more. At HostUSA we understand the value of your site, and take measures to ensure a 99 percent and better uptime.

4. Accessibility

Some hosting providers try to create difficult systems that are too confusing for you to simply get into your control panel and create an email account. You need to find a hosting provider that lets you see the control panel before you purchase an account, it lets you see how the panel works, ect…. Here at HostUSA we run a cPanel system for the ease of use for our clients, we offer free testing of our control panel so you can see the system. As stated above we also offer full 24/7 support for even if you get stuck we are always here. Our support staff will always be available to learn the control panel.

5. Last but not least, no contract.

Find a hosting company that doesn’t lock you into a contract, you have an escape plan if you need too. You don’t have to marry your hosting provider, but we want our clients to develop a relationship with us. No company is TOO BIG to get to know their clients. We want to ensure your comfort with us and we will NEVER make you sign a contract.

You can always contact us for all your needs. And if you choose to leave your other web hosting provider, we would be glad to have you here at HostUSA. Contact us today and see how we can help you and your website out.

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